Development Partners

The Smart Water Navigator was developed by Ecolab in conjunction with S&P Global Trucost and Microsoft.

The Smart Water Navigator was developed by Ecolab, a global leader in water technologies and services; S&P Global Trucost, a global leader in environmental data and risk analysis; and Microsoft, a leader in cloud computing technology. Through this collaboration, the platform leverages industry insights, advanced analytics and Azure Cloud technology to help business leaders easily access information to better understand and address the impacts of water scarcity.

“Water is the primary means through which climate change will be experienced and must be integrated into a comprehensive approach to addressing climate change. Collaborating on the development of the Smart Water Navigator in partnership with Ecolab and S&P Global Trucost enables us to harness the power of data to deliver actionable insights to users on their water management strategy.” 

–Paul Fleming, Global Water Program Manager, Microsoft

Our data partners and advisors include the World Resources Institute, the UN CEO Water Mandate, the Pacific Institute, and the Alliance for Water Stewardship.

“To eliminate water stress in at-risk water basins and reach conditions of sustainable water use, all water users in a basin need to do their part. The Ecolab Smart Water Navigator is one such tool that helps companies responsibly manage water issues by providing an action plan for improving facility water management, use practices, target setting, stewardship and conservation.” 

–Colin Strong, Research Associate, Corporate Water Stewardship, World Resources Institute