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The relatively low price of water often means the risks associated with its use are overlooked. The Water Risk Monetizer helps you assess water-related business risks in order to understand the gap between what your business pays for water and the potential costs of water risks to your business.

By assessing the impact of declining water quantity and quality on operations, the Water Risk Monetizer provides actionable information to help companies turn water risks into business strategies that enable growth.


Water quantity and quality risks at a site and/or enterprise level


Water risks in financial terms to understand the full value of water to our business


Return on investment of different water management strategies and prioritize action


Corporate water strategies to mitigate risk and enable growth

Scarcity is a function of
quantity + quality

Resulting in increasing operating costs for businesses and human, health and environmental costs for communities.


Demand for fresh water is outpacing available supplies which impacts availability


Fresh water supplies are increasingly contaminated which impacts usability

The Water Risk Monetizer is globally relevant, simple to use and applicable across a wide range of businesses and industries. The tool provides credible, actionable information that businesses can use to make more informed decisions to protect against water quantity and quality constraints to growth.

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