The Ecolab Smart Water Navigator encourages global efforts to help industry reuse, recycle and reduce water, supporting resilient operations and healthy communities.

There are a number of resources and tools businesses can use to understand and address water-related risks and opportunities to better develop strategies for managing water.

Resource Highlight

A recent session at the 2021 SIWI World Water Week addressed the disparity between freshwater supply and demand by training participants in the use of the Smart Water Navigator. The session includes an overview of the Smart Water Navigator, training on how to use it and a question-and-answer period with subject matter experts.

SIWI World Water Week Session Recording: Increase Water Resilience With This New Digital Tool




You’ve Set Corporate Water Goals. Now What? 
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State of Green Business 2021
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January 2021

Global Risks 2021
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Global Water Report 2020
January 2021

UN World Water Development Report 2020: Water and Climate Change
March 2020

Exploring the Case for Corporate Context-Based Water Targets
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Water Connection Charges: A Tool for Encouraging Water-Efficient Growth
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Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full? Issues in Managing Water Challenges and Policy Instruments
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Achieving Abundance: Understanding the Cost of a Sustainable Water Future
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Companies say they want to use less water–they’re just not doing anything about it
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Fueling Growth: You Can’t Always Buy What You Need
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The true cost of water
Libby Bernick, GreenBiz
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World Resources Institute Aqueduct
Aqueduct’s global water risk mapping tool helps companies, investors, governments, and other users understand where and how water risks and opportunities are emerging worldwide.

WWF Water Risk Filter
The WWF Water Risk Filter tool helps companies and investors ask the right questions about water. It allows you to assess risks and offers guidance on what to do in response.

UN CEO Water Mandate Water Stewardship Toolbox
The Toolbox connects your business to the latest tools, guidance, case studies, datasets, and more most relevant to you based on your circumstances and interests. It features more than 250+ resources from dozens of organizations and is updated every week.

UN Global Compact Water Action Hub
The Water Action Hub is a global online collaboration and knowledge sharing platform for water sustainability, developed by the CEO Water Mandate. The Water Action Hub raises awareness, catalyzes collaboration, and scales critical lessons on water sustainability around the world.

GEMI Local Water Tool
The GEMI Local Water Tool™ (LWT) is a free tool for companies and organizations to evaluate the external impacts, business risks, opportunities and management plans related to water use and discharge at a specific site or operation.